A little bit about me ...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You know, it's not easy to write about ourselves. And I myself have struggled quite a time for the first lines of this section.

Who I am? I was once an accountant and financial controller. In my last job in these roles, I worked for a wholly owned Norwegian company located in Vung Tau, Vietnam, which providing services in Engineering, Procurement, and Project Management to the oil & gas industries, where they do fabrication, engineering and procurement for Produced Water Treatment packages (Compact Flotation Unit - CFU).

And then, because of some reasons, I decided to switch to other industry. Now, I'm prepare myself to get my first job as a Front-End Web Developer after "9 months of pregnancy". I maintain this site to summary my programming knowledge and skills. Moreover, it's very cool for looking backward what you've done after a period of time, seeing how you have grown with all mistakes, achievements, stupidities, and joys.

                                                          *Vung Tau, Jan 05, 2021*

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